28, Oct. 2010 Today’s Loser

Today, I read in the Drudge Report that an anonymous article regarding Christine O’Donnell had surfaced by someone who claims to have dated her. In this article the writer stated that his friend/room mate took Christine out for a “non-sexual one night stand”. He went further to say that this guy ended up turning her away due to ‘too much hair’. As a woman my first response was that of disgust and thought it was very low. As a supporter of Ms. O’Donnell, who is campaigning for the open Senate seat in Delaware, I took offense. I thought her competitor would never go this low to pay (or not pay) anyone to post this nonsense to ruin her character because he cannot compete using the facts simply sad.

It is 2010, right? We have gotten over this haven’t we? Taking what President Obama said at a recent press conference; that the “republicans can come along for the ride but have to sit at the back of the bus” reminds me how little regard he has for the mountains Rev. Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks scaled to change this country. And here we are, back to the stone ages for what? Politics!…remember his run in 2008 and how it wasn’t “Latino Americans, it was the United State of America”?? I do, and I am very disappointed by his words. That is not how the leader of the free world speaks of his countrymen, and that is certainly not a Presidential way of speaking. I have great respect for the Office of the President of America, but he is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

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